Administrative Council


Deputy Chairman Α                            

Deputy Chairman  Β                        

Executive Secretary        




Representative of International Relations 

Events Manager           

Cpt (Inf) Maliotis Ioannis

Lt Col (Ant) Mesiouris Andreas

*Cpt (T) Kyprianou Kypros

Maj (Inf) Kotzikas Christos

Lt Col (Arm) Fyrillas Kyriakos

Cpt (Inf) Papageorgiou Zacharias

Cpt (Inf) Samoutis Paris

Lt Col (F) Loizidis Kyriakos


Because at the last elections held on 25/07/2018 for voting of a new Board, there was a tie for the 8th place between Cpt (T) Kyprianou Kyprou and 2nd Lt Olympiou Kyriakou, it was decided that Cpt (T) Kyprianou Kypros will serve in the first 1.5 years for the 8th place in the Board and 2nd Lt Olympios Kyriakos the next 1.5 years.